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Post by Lunardian on Wed Dec 28, 2016 2:21 pm

This is a Thread/Category that is meant to promote other Servers, and send Activity their way!

However. If you want a Server to be promoted. Please send the server name, and/or ID to either the Admins, and/or Moderators, and we will look at it. If we think it's good enough. Then we will add them for people to look for!

Now. What do we think is good enough?
1. Diverse maps(Exceptions may apply). If a server has at least 4-5 different styled maps. Then they're good on that!

2. Good selections in the pointshop. Plenty of unique Models(Donator options do not apply, but do NOT have over 65% of the pointshop be Donator, and the rest of the items be retarded expensive!), Weapons, etc.

3. Variety of weapons(This mainly falls for you, TTT, or PH with Weapons in the pointshop) Having just the basic Shotgun, SMG, AR, and Sniper will get very old, very quick.

4. The Renown of your Server. Now what I mean by this is. How well has your server been doing? How well has it been treating the people that has logged onto the server(Not counting trolls, or hackers). How well have you guys dealt with the Trolls, and/or hackers? <span style="text-decoration: underline;">This is VERY cruicial information, and we want you(Owner, admin, whatever of the Server) to be 100% truthful. We are not wanting to accept a Server that has been known for kicking someone off, and banning them for the tiniest of things. If we find out you have been lying to us(minor things MIGHT be overlooked, but if we find those, please rectify those as soon as possible), we will either deny your Server promotion on our Forum, or remove it if we let it passed, and found something off afterwards. <strong>YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!</strong></span>

5. The downloads. We don't mind if there is a good number of add-ons for the server, and what not.Because thats how you make the server fun, and interesting! But please! Let us know what all is in the server, and give us a good number on the amount of time to load into a server. For the moment. The Limit is: First time Ever: No more then 20 minutes. Returning people: No more then 10 minutes: Map switching times: Shouldn't take anymore then 5 minutes. Ok?

{ <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">IF WE FIND MORE THINGS, THAT A SERVER NEEDS TO PASS, WE WILL ADD THEM, TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE A SAFE, AND FUN COMMUNITY!</span></strong> }

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